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GeST: An Automatic Framework For Generating CPU Stress-Tests . (Last Update: 2019)

Bubble Tool: Emulate the Performance Degradation due to Faults in Real Hardware. (Last Update: 2016)

AMPRA: Analyzer of Memory Protection and Failures Implications on TCO. (Last Update: 2015)

COST-ET: COSTing and Exploring TCO for data centers. (Last Update: 2013)

Sim-alpha loader for both COFF and ELF binaries: This a modified loader.c and loader.h file of sim-alpha simulator. The code was modified by Demos Pavlou during a summer project in 2006. The loader adds the ability to sim-alpha to load both COFF and ELF binaries. The code is provided as is and no support is given. Bug reports are welcome.