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Intel 2022-2025
The Back to the Future (BTF) is a 3-year collaborative project between Intel and the University of Cyprus. BTF project aspires to revisit staple microarchitectural concepts, and exploit opportunities that have so far been ignored or under-studied.

Huawei 2022-2023
ALPS is a 1-year collaborative project between Huawei and the University of Cyprus aimed at improving the energy efficiency of CPUs used in servers running latency-critical applications in data centers.

Horizon 2020 2016-2019
UniServer (http://www.uniserver2020.eu/) is a 3-year project awarded from the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program (Feb 2016 - Feb 2019). UniServer facilitates the advent of IoT and Smart City solutions through the adoption of a distributed infrastructure where decisions are taken more locally with advanced Edge-based Micro-ServerTechnology.

FP7 2013-2016
HARPA (http://www.harpa-project.eu/) is a 3-year (September 2013 - August 2016) STREP project that aims to enable next-generation embedded and high-performance heterogeneous many-cores to cost-effectively confront variations.

FP7 2010-2013
Eurocloud (www.eurocloudserver.com) an energy-conscious 3D Server-on-Chip for Green Cloud Services.

Intel 2008-2011
Techniques for Enhancing Processor Resiliency in the Presence of Hard-Faults and Methods for Temperature Control in CMP

Cyprus Research Foundation 2007-2008
High Performance Activity Migration for Thermally Constrained Single Chip Multi-Cores

University Program 2006-2009
Methods for Detecting the Duplication of Content in Caches and its Application to Memory Hierarchy Optimizations

Intel 2002-2008
Investigate power and performance optimizations for trace driven microarchitectures

HiPEAC 2004-2008
FP6 Network of Excellence for the integration and promotion of Computer Architecture activity in Europe

Cyprus Research Foundation 2004-2006
Cyprus-France bilateral funding for Basic Research in the area of temperature aware microarchitectures (collaboration with Irisa, Inria, France)

University of Cyprus 2004-2006
Internal University research program.