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Software Engineering Programme Curriculum

Software Engineering Programme Curriculum

Each course code has the form XYZ, where X represents the type of the course and Y the area which it belongs to. Courses offered for students of other Departments have, by default, type 0. Compulsory courses are of 1st, 2nd or 3rd type, restricted elective courses are of 4th type while the Diploma Project is of 4th type. Course areas have code 1 (Theory), 2 (Computer Systems), 3 (Troubleshooting) and 4 (Applications). General content courses have area code 0. The direction of Computer Systems and Networks has 7 code (code 6 is left for future use). The General Direction has not taken specific code, since the courses offered belong to different areas.

1st Semester
2nd Semester
3rd Semester
4th Semester
5th Semester
6th Semester
7th Semester
8th Semester
Restrictive Elective Courses (Group A)
Restrictive Elective Courses (Group B)

Restricted Elective Courses: Each student, in consultation with her/his Academic Advisor, selects restricted elective courses according to her/his interests and professional goals. A student may choose to deepen her/his knowledge in one specific area, or may select a combination of courses in more than one area. Thus the restricted elective courses may be selected so that they satisfy, to a certain significant degree, the student's goals and aptitudes. Some of the restricted elective courses may be linked to the research interests of members of the Academic Staff. There is, however, provision so that adequate cover is offered in important areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Computational Complexity, Computer Graphics, Databases, Distributed Algorithms and Systems, Distributed Databases, Distributed Transaction Processing, Information Management Systems, Modern and Parallel Architectures, Networks and Communications, Multimedia, Neural Networks, Parallel and Distributed Algorithms, Programming Models, Semantics of Programming Languages, Signal and Image Processing, and Software Engineering Methodologies.

Foreign Language Courses: Each student must successfully attend two courses in a foreign language. The Department has allocated 10 ECTS credits for these courses and identifies English as a foreign language.

Diploma Project: During the last two semesters of her/his studies, each student undertakes an individual Diploma Project in accordance with regulations approved by the Departmental Board (Meeting of 19/7/95). These regulations have been revised by the Departmental Board (Meeting of 17/9/08).

1st Semester (30 ECTS)ECTS
CS111 Discrete Structures in Computer Science and Computation 7.5
CS131 Programming Principles I 7.5
MAS012 Calculus for Computer Scientists Ι 5
LAN100 General Advanced English 5
PBA101 Principles of Management 5


2nd Semester (30 ECTS)ECTS
CS121 Digital Systems 7.5
CS132 Programming Principles II 7.5
MAS013 Calculus for Computer Scientists ΙΙ 5
LAN111 English for Computer Science 5
  Elective Course from Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences 5


3rd Semester (30 ECTS)ECTS
CS202 Explorations into Computer Science 3
CS221 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming 7.5
CS231 Data Structures and Algorithms 7.5
MAS029 Linear Algebra for Computer Scientists 5
MAS055 Introduction to Probabilities and Statistics 7


4th Semester (30 ECTS)ECTS
CS211 Theory of Computation and Complexity 7.5
CS222 Operating Systems 7.5
CS233 Object-Oriented Programming 7.5
CS241 Systems Analysis and Design 7.5


5th Semester (27.5 ECTS)ECTS
CS324 Communications and Networks 7.5
CS342 Databases 7.5
CS361 Software Engineering I 7.5
  Elective Course 5


6th Semester (32.5 ECTS)ECTS
CS362 Software Engineering II 7.5
CS363 Professional Practice in Software Engineering 7.5
CS371 Systems Programming 7.5
  Elective Choice 5
  Elective Choice 5


7th Semester (30 ECTS)ECTS
CS400 Diploma Project I 7.5
  Restricted elective course within the Direction (group A) 7.5
  Restricted elective course within the Direction (group A or group B) 7.5
  300 or 400 type Computer Science course 7.5


8th Semester (30 ECTS)ECTS
CS401 Diploma Project II 10
  Restricted elective course within the Direction (group A or group B) 7.5
  300 or 400 type Computer Science course 7.5
  Elective course 5

Elective Courses in Software Engineering (Group A)

CS461 Software Validation, Verification and Quality
CS462 Software Analysis, Modelling and Design
CS463 Software Reuse

Elective Courses in Software Engineering (Group B)

CS323 Theory and Practice of Compilers
CS336 Algorithms and Complexity
CS372 Parallel Processing
CS425 Internet Technologies
CS431 Synthesis of Parallel Algorithms
CS432 Distributed Algorithms
CS435 Human Computer Interaction
CS446 Advanced Database Systems
CS451 Data Mining in the World Wide Web

Elective Courses

BIO002 Integrative Biology of Organisms
PHY131 General Physics I: Mechanics, Waves and Thermodynamics
PHY132 General Physics I: Electricity, Electromagnetic and Optics
CHE021 Intoduction to Chemistry