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Professor. Undergraduate studies in Electrical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, Greece (Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Summa cum Laude; November 1985). Graduate studies in Computer Science at Harvard University, USA (M.A., January 1988; Ph.D., July 1992; Ph.D. Thesis: "Timing-Based Distributed Computation: Algorithms and Impossibility Results"). I visited the Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics of the University of Paderborn, Germany, as a Guest Professor (Fall 2006 through Fall 2007), during a sabbatical leave. I have taught at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the University of Connecticut, USA, as Assistant Professor (Fall 1999), and at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Crete, Greece, as Visiting Assistant Professor (Academic year 1992-93). 

My research interests span the Theory of Algorithms and Complexity, with focus on Game Theory, Distributed and Parallel Computing, Networking and the Internet. I have published extensively in major journals and international conferences of Theoretical Computer Science, where I am a (co)-author of more than 100 publications.

I am on the Editorial Board of the journals "Theoretical Computer Science", "Journal of Interconnection Networks" and "Networks". I have been the Distributed Computing Column Editor for the "Bulletin of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science" from September 2000 till January 2009. From January 2009, I will be starting as Column Editor for a new column on Algorithmic Game Theory for the "Bulletin of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science". I have been a member of the scientific program and steering committees of several major international conferences. Specifically, I am the Program Committee Chair for the 2nd International Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory (SAGT 2009), and I have been the Program Committee Co-Chair for the 2nd International Workshop on Internet and Network Economics (WINE 2006), and the Program Committee Chair for the 11th International Workshop on Distributed Algorithms (WDAG 1997). Last, I have participated (as Scientific Leader) in numerous Research and Development projects funded by the European Union and the Cypriot state.   


Journal Editorships 



I am on the Editorial Board of the journals Theoretical Computer Science, Journal of Interconnection Networks and Networks. I welcome high-calibre submissions to these journals.


I am also a Guest Editor of a Special Issue in Honor of the 65th birthday of Burkhard Monien for Theoretical Computer Science. (Expected publication date: Early 2009.)



The Algorithmic Game Theory Column in the EATCS Bulletin


Please e-mail me any suggestions for material I should be including in this column, including news and communications, and suggestions for authors willing to write a guest column or to review an event related to theory of distributed computing. In particular, I would welcome open problems with a short description of context and motivation. I need to receive contributions a few days before the following deadlines for corresponding issues: January 10th, May 10th, September 10th.



Current Program Committees




For 2008, I am serving on the Program Committees of the following conferences:

SAGT 2008 

DISC 2008 

SIROCCO 2008  

WINE 2008 


For 2007, I served on the Program Committee of the following conference:

DISC 2007 


For 2009, I will serve on the Program Committees of the following conferences:

SAGT 2009

IPDPS 2009 

ICALP 2009 

HICSS 2009  


Current European Funded Projects



I am currently participating (as Scientific Leader at the University of Cyprus) in the following European IST funded projects:



Current Teaching


This year (Spring 2009) I will be teaching

CS211: Theory of Computation and Complexity


CS436: Algorithms and Complexity


Last year (Fall 2008) I taught

CS432: Distributed Algorithms


Recent Travel and Travel Plans


      Past Travel



I highly recommend the recent book Excellence without a Soul by Harry R. Lewis.


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List of Publications with available electronic versions for most of the publications.

    Please send me e-mail if you would like a copy of a paper that is not available electronically.


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Refereeing Disclaimer


If you consider of sending me a paper to referee, please think twice. My backlog is enormous. Moreover, I only accept to referee papers that come very closely related to the specific research I am carrying out these days. For example, I would accept to referee a paper that builds on a paper of mine or directly improves a result in some paper of mine, but (due to my enormous backlog) I would normally be unable to referee a paper that just falls in a research area I have been working on.



Recommendation Letters Disclaimer


I need one month to prepare a recommendation letter. If you plan to request one, please file your request at least one month before the deadline. If you have taken an elective I taught, I will know you better and this will increase the chance I will be able to satisfy your request.



Summer Interns Disclaimer


I have no available funds for summer internships to undergraduate students. I am also unable to answer e-mail inquiries about summer internships.



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