The Project

Aim of AERAS project is the development and establishment of a system for spatial mapping and forecasting of the temporal evolution of particulate air pollution (aerosol) events resulting mainly from the Saharan dust transport in SE Mediterranean region and secondary, from anthropogenic sources.

The system will be based on the development of an efficient neural network classification system. The system will integrate meteorological maps of synoptic situation, remotely sensed data and in-situ measurements for the development of statistical models.

The project is funded under the call "The Research Promotion Foundation's Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development 2003-2005" from the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation.


The project partners have the required knowledge and experience covering different scientific fields, like Atmospheric Physics, Meteorology, Remote Sensing, Neural Networks and Internet Technology. The project scheme composition includes two Governmental Organisations (Meteorological Service of Cyprus, Department of Labour Inspection of Work - Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance), an Academic Institute (University of Cyprus, Department of Computer Science), a Research Institute (National Observatory of Athens) and a Private Company (E-biz).


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